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D&D Fitness


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D&D Fitness


Immersive Gym

Gamifed Classes


Good Gym


Our purpose is to create a fun, comfortable, and interactive space to have a positive impact on the health and fitness of everyone we work with.

To provide an engaging health and fitness service that unlocks every individual’s true potential so they can achieve their desired goals.


Our main goals at GG Fitness is training using AI, immersive, and gamified technology because of the proven benefits. With an emphasis on mobility, strength, comfortability, and conditioning, the benefits of our training differ from other workouts because of the way they target your body and focus your mind.


Give your workout more variety than ever with our gaming and immersive equipment, target any part of your body while focusing your mind. Increase your body’s capacities every day, from stability to mobility, from power to speed.


Innovation + Motivation = Results

We are a hybrid immersive gym and training facility. We have clean, state of the art facilities with the most knowledgeable staff and cutting-edge training methods. We offer team training and community, group classes, boxing and interactive equipment.

Together we


Good Gym
Based on 5 reviews
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Luke BrittainLuke Brittain
12:00 19 Dec 22
Kai has stolen so much from me, and by that I mean many many kilos
Shrimal FernandoShrimal Fernando
12:21 14 Nov 22
TLDRGreat gym, if you love getting buff while you play games.Went to check out his new gym with a new concept- Gym is designed as a big gaming zone.- However games are made to increase strength and stamina.- There is a great balance of weight based strength training and cardio.- Everything feels fun, and if there is something that does not fit you, i am sure you can find something that do.- owners are always wanting to hear new ideas.- there is also an opportunity to play as a team and it almost feels like gymming is the new sport.Negative - (technically)- if you are looking purely on getting buff/cutting with specific muscle targeting, you may not find this gym has all the equipment you need.- owners may be able to accommodate, but will try to do it in a different style.
Alexandra LodgeAlexandra Lodge
09:15 14 Nov 22
I'm not usually a gym person because I often find them sterile or intimidating (or both), but Good Gym manages to avoid being either. Friendly, family run local gym and focused on bringing play into exercise. They've got some interesting and cool equipment - including stuff I'd never seen before - and they've created a fun vibe with the lighting and general effort they've put into the look and feel of the place. Would recommend checking out.
Sarah AshfordSarah Ashford
23:29 12 Nov 22
Welcoming vibe with a friendly community and trainers. Family owned business where you can bring your kids with you to exercise in their Family Fit classes. Cool tech like blazepods are used during classes, and you get a free juice after a workout too!
Kit MatthewsKit Matthews
13:45 11 Nov 22
looks promising, & not your typical gym. Independent family business with some actually engaging activities and cool gear
Kohdyn A-HKohdyn A-H
12:41 11 Nov 22
This gym makes me good at gym.Which is strange to think, is the gym good because it is a good gym? Or is it good because I became good at the gym?Or does the gym making you good declare it is then Good Gym?I have many questions and not enough answers, like what happens if I become bad?Does that then make it Bad Gym?Or can Good Gym never be Bad Gym?In which case, if Good Gym is the polar opposite of Bad Gym, then should we be worried about Bad Gym?Is that what this Gym is for... are we being trained to be good at the Good Gym in order to one day experience a fated battle against the Bad Gym?I like this Gym.This is a Good Gym.Stay away from the Bad Gym.I now can't help but look at Gym and think what a strange word it is...Gym.

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